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Creative Destruction


Personal Project





My Job

Creator of the whole project

Creative Destruction is a project of multidimensional artistic ideas based on any form of creation and expression.It is about hidden treasures of pure art coming together through a journey of freedom.

In the beginning of the process these ideas or expressions may travel alone but through "one breath" they come together and in the end a common path of understanding and evolving emerge from the ashes.

In this segment of Creative Destruction we follow an awaken soul that needs to find a way into freedom , far away from oblivion.

Director & Montage - Menelaos Primerakis
Performance - Evi Tzortzi
Music Poetry - Uranus by Fuku Cosmonaut
D.O.P - Dimitris Kardogeros
MUA - Nagia Linaroudi ( BEMA)

Graphic Cubes
Creative Destruction - Evi Tzortzi _ Fuku Cosmonaut-high.gif
Graphic Cubes
000cr3_11.1.1 copy copy copy.jpg
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