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Imaret Hotel




Kavala, Greece

My Job

Montage / Colorist / Sound Design

The client wanted to capture the feeling of Imaret which is a historical monument in Kavala, Greece. The whole project is based on memories, feelings & pleasure! Through the editing I gave the project a tone of nostalgia with a rich soundscape, & filmic color palette.

Imaret offers a timeless getaway.

It is uniquely designed and decorated. The rooms and suites lie beneath the graceful domes of the original construction and are surround by 3000 thousand square meters of inner gardens and marble arcades reflecting the charm of an original Islamic garden set in the past.


Director: Dimitrios Kardogeros

D.O.P - Cinematographer: Manos Kalafatelis

Montage / Colorist : Menelaos Primerakis

Model : Julia

Photographer : Dimitrios Kardogeros

Photo Editor & Refinement : Menelaos Primerakis

Production Company : Infokus

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